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At Choice Appliance Co, we understand that in order to be good at our job, we have to be able to tackle all of the different brands of appliances out there. This gives us the confidence to handle whatever it is our customers need us to handle.

There are plenty of different brands out there and we handle all of the major brands on the market.


One thing many don't know is that Maytag is a subsidiary of the Whirlpool company. What many people do know is that Maytag is a brand that is known for its reliable appliances and their amazing customer service and support. Every one of their appliances come with a limited 10-year warranty as a testament to their confidence in their products.


Samsung is a top producer of appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens. One of the great things about Samsung appliances is that they are one of the easiest to maintain and repair.


Viking is a brand that allows you to have restaurant-quality appliances in the comfort of your home. Despite their amazing quality, they are bound to need repair or maintenance at some point and Choice Appliance Co is here to take care of them for you.


LG has a line of appliances that has something for everyone. No matter if you are a mom with 3 kids or a millennial living a busy life, you are going to find LG appliances to suit your lifestyle. Despite their varied, innovative, and reliable range of appliances, the repair techs at Choice Appliance Co can fix them all.


Amana is another of the popular brands that we are skilled at repairing. They are a brand that is about value because they appreciate their customers choosing their appliances. They also make sure to include great innovative features for that value.


Kitchen appliances are the specialty of Bosch and their dishwashers are their gems. They do have other appliances within their line, but their kitchen appliances are where they shine. They are one of those companies that really take great pride in their customer support and service.


Frigidaire is definitely a brand name that is synonymous with appliances, and good ones at that. The repair techs at Choice Appliance Co are well-trained at handling all of your Frigidaire repair needs. These appliances are reliable, affordable, and offer some great features.


GE has been in business for about 60 years and over those decades they have established a great reputation for their reliable appliances. Our technicians have all of the necessary skills and knowledge to fix their array of laundry and kitchen appliances.

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We can take care of all your appliance repair and maintenance needs. We can promise you the best appliance repair service in and around the Goose Creek area. We are here when you need us with fast service to get your appliances up and running in no time.