Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Your freezer can be your best companion. It's easy to use and will last virtually forever. Unfortunately, there comes a time where issues will arise. When this occurs, Choice Appliance Co have the team to help you with all your freezer repair needs - and quickly!

The enticement to try and DIY may seem smart at first, but it's not! The machine may be ingenuous; however, the parts are intertwined in a complex manner. Inadvertently harming a part could spell expansive expenses down the track.

The following are some usual signs of freezer malfunction:

Is My Freezer Possessed?

Don't get spooked by the sounds your freezer makes, get in touch with us today! These sounds aren't your usual purring, hissing or burning sound, but something more peculiar. Loud bumps and bangs are not common and this could mean something is wrong with your evaporator coil.

Buildup of Frost

Temperatures set below the norm could trigger a frost buildup. Make sure you do not fix the temperature below 0°F. If this fails, your next step is to locate the sight of the frost. Frosting located near the door is most likely causing issues with closure and seal. This may also mean the seals need replacing, or even the heater has a fault. However, if the buildup is at the back, it may be due to a cycle fault.

There's a Leak

The amount of leakage can determine whether there is cause for concern. Minor leakages often mean ice cubes have displaced. Though, a blockage in the drain could be down to a greater amount of water.

Large amounts of water could also spell a water or valve leakage. There is also the possibility of condensation buildup around the pan.

It Ain't Working

If you notice your light is on, but there is a fault, do not open it. It's advised you to call us right away. A lack of light should lead you to assessing whether the plug is on. Assess whether its fixed properly, if not, examine the outlet. Further checks can be made on the plug, to determine whether its fixed to the wrong output.

If you're left still wondering what the cause is, then you should get in touch with us. Work may need to be done on the controls.

My Freezer is Too Warm

Ensure temperature is at 0°F. If you notice it has risen above this limit, adjust it immediately. Another simple assessment is the amount of food in your freezer. Over packing can be just as detrimental as under packing.

You should aim to keep your freezer around 75 to 85% filled. By doing so, you will ensure there is room for circulation of air and entrapment of cold air. Packing evenly can alleviate vent blockages.

Your freezer should always be placed in a setting whereby temperatures are always ranged between 55°F and 110°F. If you place outside this range, your freezer will be fighting with the environment to ensure correct temperature.

Checking the thermostat may also help!

Get in Touch

Get in touch if you'd prefer avoiding speculating over the cause. Our team will get one of experts out to organize an assessment at a reasonable price.